Zaki-Biam Man Builds Car as a Solution to Motocycle Ban in Sankera.

Zaki-Biam Man Builds Car as a Solution to Motocycle Ban in Sankera.

Meet Mr Aondona Atim, an innovative young man residence in Zaki Biam, Ukum Local Government.

He specializes in Metal Works business for about two decades ago.
Recently, he spoke to Enoch Azaye, of GrassrootsAfrica, on interesting issues on how he used his God given talent to come up with a vehicle and appealed to Government and the public to sponsor him for better training.


Can you Introduce Yourself Properly, please?

I am Joseph Aondona Atim, popularly known as Ortsambe, I’m 30 years old, a school dropout, hails from Kunav, Tsambe, in Vandeikya Local Government Area, of Benue State.
But residence in Zaki Biam, Ukum Local Government, and about 2 decades doing my Metal Works business.

How did you come up in Metal Works?

It all started when I couldn’t complete my secondary school because, I didn’t have the money to register for SSCE, so I quited School in my SS3, at Mbapuun Grammar School, Sankera.
And I joined Metal Works business properly, but even before then let me say I was conceived an Engineer, right from the womb because, since growing up as a little boy I used to make such works while on the play ground.
And after my elder brother Eng. Fiase, saw that I was such a genius in this angle, he made sure I learnt the work vigorously under him.


How did The Idea of Constructing this Car Came about ?


Just with the power of Almighty God, the cause of insecurity challenges in Sankera Axis, and Zaki Biam, as you have already known the movement of motorcycle is banned.
So I slept and thought of which means to be going about my normal schedules in business, and as an engineer, I do not have to buy a vehicle unprepared, so thought outside the box and resolve at producing my own brand of vehicle that can not be restricted.

I took a Huajue Motorcycle’s engine and started making my car in January, and ended up making the movable skeletal March 22nd, this year 2021.


Is the Car Strong like others Cars, By your Assessment?


Although unlike other cars which has more than one plugs, my car since is made of a Motorcycle’s engine, has just one plug but can run and move faster and stronger than many Motorcycle makes even without a speedometer indicator.
I have also made the sitting with partnership, which carries upto 5 persons and still moves.


Is the Car Making Completed as it stands?


Not yet. What you see here is a movable skeletal. It’s within my plans to also construct it with a floor, the Body, Dashboard, a Smooth Roof, the Windscreen, painting, a proper electrical wiring system, and other miscellaneous so it will look beautifully when it’s completed.

What Turnoffs has been Since the Making of the car?

Since the beginning, I can tell you I do make a way and sometimes make a turn and follow another strategies and procedures until it’s perfect for me.

Again, after making the vehicle move, it was not shocking enough for its supposed availability because I placed the shocker not very appropriately but, since I repositioned it severally, the new position is okay and the vehicle could now shock and move as appropriate.

Its stability-on-path when hands are freed on the steering, is also now as appropriate as every other car.

What’s the public Reactions as you Move Round with your made Car?

Very impressive! People have been hailing and cheering me up by my popular name “Ortsambe! Utsambe!!”, I became a celebrity to them.

Infact, I have become very popular with this my car as some even asks to snap photos with me, while some donate willfully, it’s been an excitement experience.

What cost will you Incure when Completed?


So far, I have spent roughly 200,000,00 naira. And when finished, an approximate sum of 500,000,00, naira should be considered.

What Challenge or what you wish to tell the government and the public?

Have ever cried to the world that I wish to polish this talent, further my school if I have the needed sponsorship but I can’t draw the attention of people that matter and the Government.

Like the other day, my able Senator Representing Benue North East, Gabriel Suswam, came to Ukum for the burial of the late PDP’s Chairman, John Aku, I tried so I could draw his attention but the security and people around him couldn’t allow me, they swayed me away.

But for example, if I go to Japan and come back to Nigeria, I can perform wonders.
So i appeal to the Benue state Government to sponsor me for a better training if possible out side the country or even sponsor me to Inoson car manufacturers so that i can learn new things and improve my skills.

I also ask well meaning people in the society for financial support to improve on my talent, enable me buy the needed engines and obtain a better site for improvements. God bless Nigeria.


Mkohol Aondona Kenneth is a political science student of Benue State University Makurdi. He is from Konshisha LGA of Benue State,

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