Why Most Politicians don’t Fulfill their Promises: They make Fake Promises

Why people make fake promises during campaigns

PROMISES (They make fake promises)

What the President Promised

The Presidential candidate for the WIL Party laughed out loud and threw the glass of scotched whisky down his throat; he was conferring with his Vice Presidential candidate. Both of them had come from a campaign trip and were assessing their speeches they had with the electorate.

Vice Presidential candidate David Boakye smiled as he sipped at his own whisky. He was not as heavy a drinker as his boss Dr. Alfred Ampofo, but he could drink himself
stupid from time-to-time.

“Doc.”, David addressed his boss, “I almost laugh out loud on the dais when you promised the people that when you
are elected to power, you would provide the entire country with electricity. Oh God! Did you really mean that Sir?”

“For where?” Countered Dr. Ampofo, the Presidential candidate of the WIL party, do l look like a magician? Do I know where Dr. Kwame Nkrumah got the money to build
Akosombo Dam which since independence has been the maior supplier of electricity in this country? If I say I will supply the whole counry With electricity when I am elected does that mean I will do it? Or more precisely, does it mean I will do it?

Vice Presidential candidate David Boakye a banker, smiled in appreciation at his boss wit. What about your other promise to reduce fuel prices by more than fifty percent
(50%) when elected, how do you reckon to do that?”

“Reduce fuel prices by fifty percent (50%)”! Presidential candidate Dr. Ampofo said reflectively. “Did say that too?”

Of course you did. Have you forgotten you said that and had the people applauding all over the place?

“I must have been drunk on pito then. Anyway, I don’t think I was responsible for most of the things I said to the people today.”

What then was responsible for your powerful speeches and extraordinary promises?

“Is it not obvious? Were you not there when I finished half of the bottle of that whisky before I took the stage before the people?” Then as if in an afterthought: What must have come over me to make such an impossible promises to the
people of this country? Look David, when I urinate, do you See traces of crude oil in it?

Vice Presidential candidate David Boakye laughed out loud as he caught the joke. “of course when you urinate only salted water comes out.

“Then why do you think I will be able to reduce the cost of country if I am elected: Have you ever seen any government we have had which has been able to bring fuel
Prices down? Don’t they all review prices upwards rather? Are we Supermen? Will the oil producing nations give us the oil free simply because I am elected into office? Talk
sense, my friend David, if you want to remain my Vice President if we win the elections this year then you have to learm how to talk sense.

“Yes Sir!” said David, playfully saluting his boss. All the same he could not resist asking another question, “On a more serious note Sir, why did you made those unrealistic promises?

Isn’t it obvious? How do you reckon we can win this year’s elections if we don’t say things we cannot do? That is what all previous govermments in this nation did to go into the
hot seat. As soon as they got the power, they began singing different tunes. “Lies, my friend lies, that is the name of the

“I see”.

“What do you mean by I see? Dr. Ampofo could not understand why his Vice-Presidential candidate was appearing so dense. “You talk as if you don’t know how we
do it in this part of the world. Don’t you know what they say about politicians, David?”

“I have forgotten Sir.”

“Then listen and better not forget next time. A politician that man who can predict that it would rain tomorrow, and tell you tomorrow why it did not rain.”

Then the two men exploded into uproarious laughter. “Now I understand why our party WIL came into existence, WIL which stand for Willingness, Integrity and Leadership Party.

“Nonsense, Dr. Ampofo again corrected his Vice-
Presidential candidate. “We tell the people of this country that the letters WIL party means Willingness, Integrity and Leadership. But the actual meaning is Whatever Is Left. Do
you get that David? We are coming into government to finish Whatever Is Left in the coffers of this country.”


Mkohol Aondona Kenneth is a political science student of Benue State University Makurdi. He is from Konshisha LGA of Benue State,

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