Unveiling The First Fruits Festival in Nigeria “GrandMark Fruits Festival”

Unveiling The First Fruits Festival in Nigeria “GrandMark Fruits Festival”


Unlike most festivals in Nigeria that focuses on entertaining, promoting the cultural values and uniting the people, GF2 is unique and different based on its focus to enhance the economic growth, health and wellness of the people.

GF2 is committed to attracting investors around the world to invest in the abundant fruits wasting in Nigeria and as well encourage the people to eat fruits daily.

It’s hard to put into words what exactly is so great about fruit festivals but I have done my best to narrow it down to six (6) things that people will enjoy most during Grandmark Fruits Festival (GF2).


The Fruits:

GF2 will provide the best fruits at the festival and at the end will establish fruits vendors for people that are just starting out as fruits eaters and don’t quite know where to buy or pick better fruits.

GF2 will source fruits from special suppliers that provide delicious varieties to give people the opportunity to try fruits that may not normally be available in the supermarket.
At the same time, the festival will educate people on how to select the right fruit for good health and wellness.

Many people dislike fruits like durian because they have never had a good one, so it is helpful to be around others that can help them try a good one.

During the festival, people will have the chance to try as many varieties of fruits and enjoy as much as they like without being held back with worries of how much it will cost, as they have already covered that with their ticket.


The Education:

GF2 will offer an incredible opportunity to learn, although people may think all of the education is going to be exclusively about a raw vegan diet.
But in reality, the education on offer will be much broader than that, and will cover almost every topic in the field of health, wellness and many more.

Not only will the people learn vital information to help them achieve success on a raw vegan diet, they will learn things that will bring success on all levels, from classes on meditation, yoga, fasting, fitness, creativity, self love, healthier relationships, positive thinking.

Also create online business, travel and fitness of all kinds, almost anyone can take home something new from the festival.

At the same time people who want to learn how to create great raw food, will have an opportunity to learn from some of the best chefs.


The Fun:

Festivals are FUN! In normal society, the idea of having fun is often related to things that ultimately damage people’s health, for example, staying up late and missing sleep while drinking alcohol, smoking or taking recreational drugs etc.

People also have fun going out and buying things that don’t really add much value to their life in the long term.

The people who will be coming to GF2 will have different forms of fun, there will be games to play, social parties, competitions, beauty pageant and sports to participate in among others and even a chance to meet new partner(s).

Every day at the festival will be so much fun and it will go beyond expectations!


The Inspiration:


People will be inspired during GF2 by the stories they will hear.

People who have been on incredible journeys of transformation will surely turn up for the festival, even those who have lost thousand of Nairas in weight to those that are weak in emotions and health status.

GF2 can help so many people to live better lives and the stories will inspire people to tell more people about the festival.


The Connections:


The biggest highlight for most attendees is the other attendees, people will be open to meeting new people as they have often travelled alone.

The most amazing thing about GF2 is meeting people who have been on the exact journey as you but in different parts of the world, even some that have had the same worries, and the same anxieties.
The same confusion and been through the same experiences of having their friends and family think that they are crazy.


The Community:

The feeling of community at the festival will be amazing, I believe that in our modern world we are starved of the feeling of community.

To be around people who are on the same path as you, who are looking to help create a better world is a powerful experience.

The collective energy of the community at GF2 will be vibrant and energizing.




Damkor Henry Ternenge


Mkohol Aondona Kenneth is a political science student of Benue State University Makurdi. He is from Konshisha LGA of Benue State,

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