Tiv land is big enough to be divided into 3 states:Late Fr. Moses O. Adasu and Wantalegh Paul Unongu Views and Fear.

Tiv land should be split into 3 states.

Late Fr. Moses O. Adasu and Wantalegh Paul Unongu Views and Fear.

A Tiv People were known for unity, and for their love for each other. During this time, communalism was the other of the day in Tiv land.
When a Tiv man was into trouble, he would call his brothers and everyone would stand to fight for his brother.
A Tiv man would shout “AYATUTU KA UNO?” and his brothers would respond “KA SE!!” that’s how it was and that called for the spirit of oneness/togetherness but now, it has finished, “Ayatutu KA uno?” has ended and it’s now “KA we kua KA mo”, even if you shout it no one will come out to respond “ka se!”.

And this actually spurs my writing.
Ayatutu which is a peculier saying in Tiv land which depict or connotes “espirit de corps” (togetherness) is apperently and conversely understood and interpreted nawadays.

A veteran Tiv singer, Mr. Gabon Akuhwe in his song titled Tiv Taraba- Ijir tamen told us that “we’re all surrounded by the STRANGERS” it’s better we come together and bring back our Ayatutu.
Otherwise, only arguments will creates divisions amongst us to fall, collapse and perished.

Paul Unôngu’s view.

Paul Unongu, wantalegh in his publication once ask rhetorical question to the Tiv people that ” where do we go from here”? In essence, he said this in consonance to what he anxiously sat and watched painfully as it happened to the Tiv land.

This idealistic concepts of onward delineations in TIV Land by Wantalegh who had keen concern and as well pathetic to the growth, welfare and positive/good intention on the Tiv people was not welcomed rather.
It was apparently misinterpreted and thwarted by the powers that be or those who were the then stakeholders deeply involved in piloting the affairs of the Tiv land.

Consequently, those who in turn uphold the principalities and powers that binds the culture of Tiv Nation sow the glory he (Wantalegh) will be accorded if such elegant motion is assented to effects, decided to scorn the marvelous meticulous advancement.

The delineation idealism propounded/proposed by the Wantalegh was never in anyway meant to infringe, separates or divide the Tiv people as blasphemed by the then previous ruler’s of doom/perpetrators who were enemity to the progress of the Tiv land.
Am so perplexed for the past misterious mistake made by the previous leadership holders of self centred people who masterminded and frustrates the idea of Wantalegh P. Unongu who heartily meant to bring development as well as civilization and progress to the Tiv Nation.

If this delineation policy were heeded, Tiv land would have splits into several regions/clans constituting many local government areas capturing the proposed Katsina/Ala, Gboko while maintaining the currently standing Benue State, which would have amounted to three States in Tiv land.

This delineation could have still retained the Tiv people as one united ethnic group with a single cohesive entity under the guidance of mono leadership as the Paramount ruler heading the Tiv Nation called BEGHA U TIV.

Currently, we have TIV Taraba and TIV Nasarawa, yet the 5th Tor Tiv is our Central Power of Authority. The ATE u ijir Tamen.

We are cheated from here.

Exemplary, for those who never knew, and don’t care to know thinking all is well and equitable, this is where we (The TIV-PEOPLE) are cheated.

The Igbo dialect is one yet consists of Enugu, Ebonyi, Imo, Anambra, Delta States with just one paramount ruler.

In the same vain, Yoruba’s comprises of Ondo, Oyo, Osun, Ogun and Kwara States which is also headed by central ruler called OBA in Ile-Ife.
Consequently, the Hausa’s comprises of Kano, Kaduna, Katsina, Jigawa, Jos, Yobe, Adamawa, Bauchi, and Borno States having one paramount ruler called Sultan.
My hurl here is that, why then the Tiv people who suppose to be the 4th major tribe ranking/rating in terms of numberous amongst the populated tribes in Nigeria will have one state?

These above mentioned 3 tribes are said to be the most populated tribes ever in Nigeria. Yet after splitting into several segments still operate as a united entity with the central autonomous authority in their respective regions.
And this delineation movement starts at the federal constituency and permeate to council ward’s enabling government policies to touch our people at the grass roots.
This gives those tribes who have many states an edge to advance over other dialect.

Paul Unôngu’s idea was a good one that should be supported.

Furthermore, to some of us who grow up to comprehend, at least to an extend discover Wantalegh’s good intention which was similar to, or a replicate of what is obtainable in those regions aforementioned in Nigeria or even abroad.

Therefore, the question is “where do we go from here”? having recall so well that we do not like our brothers, and that, all our envy or jealousy heaped on our immediate family members in exception of strangers/visitors.

To an extent, how can we acknowledge what a good intention people had especially those who were not given chance to effect developmental strides.
Or shall we stare, watch their tremendous efforts and constructive contributions to be defeated or vanished because they were not allowed to impute their quarter to move the Tiv Nation to a greater heights.

Low and behold, I bet you, had it been that three States were created in TIVLAND as asserted, there would have been a serious comparison. In terms of
competitive government and its policies be evaluated in accordance to each governors credibility, and the issue of God fatherlism would have be at a minimal level as it is now precedent in one state.
No one could have had the veto power
and such impetus of producing governors year in year out.
There would have be many Senators,
House of Representative, and that of Assembly’s Etcetera.
To my greatest dismay, no one seems to show compulsion/remorse over the past event because the same descendant’s erupts from same
places to hijack what belongs to other senatorial district in Benue States, yet nobody questions!
Absolutely, no effrontery or punity measure had been
put forward in order to confronts so as to curtailed this urgly scenario had been taken.

Conclusively, what is the next line of action? What are the possible measures to address and avert the issue of Tiv Taraba/Nasarawa?
For this has becomes an annual phenomenon/ syndicate.

The late APER AKU erect most public/government infrastructure’s which the good people of Benue still
are enjoying today.

Late Fr. Adasu’s contribution.

LATE REV. FR. ADASU, in his witty saying as regard to TIV culture has triggered my writing. ADASU also made effective development to the Benue people where we still attend to acquire higher level of western trainings.
I write this with a
heavy heart, having witnessed several elections in Benue as compare to other States, the structure, composition and political ideologies in TIV land overtime is nothing good to write home about.

I make this passionate appeal to all concerned son’s of Tiv Nation and appropriate authorities.


1 what shall we do at this critical time?
2 The aftermaths, what are the reactive measures taken in order to revert from deviance?
3 Hur or yô! Inja na er nyi?
4) Ka nyi jim or nan vaan ijime?
5) Aingye yô, ian I TIV sha mlu u zwa u sha unyiin hen Nigeria ngi hana?
6) Ayatutu KA unô? KA se! Ngu her kpa?
7) Ijir tamen hide ve, hegen ne se zua a
Finally the level of discrimination on the basis of tribe, sectionalism, ethnicity, religion or creed from those villages and even educated mugus, is now
alarming and we most commence awareness campaign to sensitise our people.

May God help us all as we lunch the crusade for unity of purpose and progress


Mkohol Aondona Kenneth is a political science student of Benue State University Makurdi. He is from Konshisha LGA of Benue State,

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