There is an ongoing debate, even as you read this piece, on who Benue people will choose to lead them as governor in 2023 amongst the pool of aspirants eying the exalted seat.

One thing is obvious: Donald Duke, former governor of Cross River State said, leadership is like an aircraft that is being flown by pilots that did not go to flying school.

He added that when the plane crashes, everyone blames the pilot.

The question therefore is: where are Africa’s leadership “flying schools?” How and where do Africans acquire sophistication in the leadership skills required to guide the continent into development?

This has formed the nexus of the debate here in Benue State.

Making the right choice in Benue State come 2023 needs calculated steps of accessing the competencies, credibilities and skills of all the aspirants. The cultivation of leaders with exceptional characters, competencies and skills is critical to the actualisation of the Benue of our dreams. We should recognize that it becomes efforts in futility to try ro teach someone who already occupies a high position in government how to lead through side talks.

Leadership is not about fluency of speech or writing ability. It encompasses the imaginative thinking, capacity, experience in diverse spheres or walks of life, global exposure and many more.

Benue needs someone who is well informed and capable of tackling the challenges facing the State.

When the above facts are put together, it becomes relatively easy to decide for who governs Benue State in 2023.

The outlined rudiments perfectly distinguish Dr Paul Angya amongst the pool of contestants and has made him available to the people as the right choice for the State.

If you meet many aspirants for the position of governor of Benue, you will discover that a large number of them don’t envision Benue State as a developed State even in eight years to come let alone in 2023, and might not have the zeal to mobilize citizens to actualize the vision.

They are still wandering in thought while waiting for the time to come. The common expression is “we will cross the bridge when we get there”.

I therefore invite you to listen to Dr Paul Angya as he elucidatory delivers to your satisfaction a roadmap of where he intends to take Benue state beyond 2023.

Upon his conclusion, it will not take you a minute to commend his vision and plans to impact positively on the economy of the state.

The man is full of experiences and potentials. A consummate expert on issues of standardisation. The only aspirant who is coming to the table with security training as a background. He is a Fellow of the Security Institute (FSI) which reminds me of the peculiar pervasive security situation we have in Benue state.

And of course, Dr Paul Angya is a pro-active and result-oriented lawyer, of over 33 years experience in International Law and Jurisprudence, specializing in Standardization and Consumer Protection Laws, as well as national policy and security matters and given the situation we have found ourselves here in Benue State, he will strengthen the Open Grazing Prohibition and Ranches Establishment law already enacted by the Governor Samuel Ortom led administration.

Aside serving as the Director General of the Standard Organization of Nigeria (SON), it is worthy of note that since September 2000 Dr. Angya served at the highest levels (Directorate Cadre) in the Federal Public Service of Nigeria.

A recipient of many honors and awards both locally and internationally.

We are at the stage in our country that we need fixers and these people are just but a few.

Come to think of it, won’t you say this man has gone to leadership school? Has he a match?

We need to get to a point where we do politics of policies that deliver results and at this moment that Nigeria’s economy is facing challenging times as a result of insecurity, unemployment, inflation, poverty, hunger, inequality, the proliferation of ethnic militia and separatist agitations, it is important to know the imperatives of a capable leader for a cohesive State and National development.

I therefore submit to you that, we must begin to take responsibility for the choices we make and commit not to do the wrong things for personal interest while undermining the interest of the larger society.

Tarhemba Justice writes from Nongov.
28th November, 2021.


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