Social Consequences Of Youth Unemployment In Nigeria And The Need For Timely Intervention By The Government

By Igbawua Patrick Tordoo 14TH JUNE,2021

Take it or leave it, the social consequences of youth unemployment in Nigeria are enormous and undoubtedly,a boiling miasma affecting our society today. Unemployment rate in Nigeria today is on a high increase, a phenomenon ochestrated and propelled by a corrupt Political system that has lost out it’s direction and ideal principles and willingly choose the path of extinction. The history of hitherto existing society as quoted by Karl Marx is no longer between the working class and the ruling class but outrightly between the unemployed and the ruling class.
Today, Out of 100% graduates, only 10% are sure of gainful employment. Few of these graduates often have premonition of where they are going to work before graduation. The poor who struggled to excel academically later ended up being consoled with Political language in quote “LET’S SEE HOW IT GOES”.
Painfully, many parents risk all they have to send their wards to school with the hope of later reaping the fruit of their labour. Paradoxically, their imaginable dream becomes a mere dream aborted by wickedness and premordial factors which controls our democracy today. Our democracy is physically dead and currently beautify with complicated nomenclatures and comfortably swimming in the pool of :
=Stasis and
=Anergy etc.
Unfortunately, those who are fortunate and opportuned easily advise the un-opportuned to find something doing probably farming or petty trading without offering them even little financial assistance. Today, a new slogan has been initiated by our stingy democracy which goes thus, “DON’T DEPEND ON GOVERNMENT”.
Suffices to say is that, even government appointees are not satisfied with what they have not to talk of those who don’t have at all. Today, the Youths are roaming the streets left and right with beautiful credentials. Today, even the Youths with skills and handwork are denied contracts because they have no connection in government. The onus lies on the government and the failure of the government to meet up to it’s primary responsibility is what brought us to this extent.
The social consequences of youth unemployment in Nigeria are enormous. These include:
=Poverty and low standard of living
=Drug abuse
=Teenage pregnancy
=Disruption of social peace
=Loss of self dignity and pride
=Engagement in crimes
=Broken homes/divorce
=Cultism and gangsterism
=Inability to shoulder financial responsibility
=Laziness and idleness
=Loss of self confidence etc.
One thing is for sure, when a mother refuses to give her child breast to suck; tears, cries and unrest becomes the adoptive behavior of the child. Today, unemployment has caused more harm than good due to the nature and character of self-centered Political leaders we have. Majority of them prefers to use the young ones as thungs and errands boys instead of investing in them positively. The failure of our leaders to use the intellectual, physical and artificial skills of the youth in a positive way is the result of what we are facing today.
The so called agricultural activities they want the youths to engage in is been disrupted by the evil act conceived by the same folks. The youths are been eliminated on daily basis in cold blood. Many of these victims are graduates struggling on how to survive. What a wicked world we find ourselves.
Sadly enough we the Youths are the second major problem, since majority of us prefers to act as evil errand boys to:
=Defame and
=Slaughter innocent citizens in the name of recharge card.
We the Youths are the co-culprits since we mortgage our future with chicken change to cause havoc in the society.
A political leader who sent you to create situation that is against the principles of democracy is not worth working for. When we start resisting them our society will surely record positive change.
We the Youths are often used to insult elders, rig elections, intimidate the masses, kill defenseless citizens and harrass those we should be respecting just to please our pay masters. Such a master is not worth working for.
We man their gates when their children are;
=Snoring with white ladies abroad
=Studying overseas
=Spending dollars
=Cruising in cool weather
=Wearing expensive clothes and lots more.
We muscle in front of them to protect them when we know they can’t allow us to mingle with their children having known who we are. By the time you realize, age has already striken you down and all they could do is to drop you and pick another fresh dude.
=Invest in human capital
=Empower the youths
=Involve youths in governance
=Help when you find yourself in any given position
=Treat every youth as your child
=Create more room for the Youths to fit in
=Save the future of the Youths
=Be generous for one day you may leave the office
=Impact positively and leave a legacy
=Be an employer of labour
=Don’t try destroying someone’s child for selfish reasons tomorrow you too maye not be safe
=Stop corruption now
=Don’t be an instrument of destruction
=Avoid empty and evil Politicians
=Know your worth
=Don’t be party to rigging
=Follow leaders with conscience
=Know who you are supporting and what such a person can offer
=Remember you have a family
=Remind them to treat you as they value their children
=Avoid defamatory comments
=Always stand for the future etc.
When we collectively know our stands and what we need, our unstable society will bounce back to the right track. As it stands, our behaviors and unclean practices are an abberation to the ideal system of democracy.
In the final analysis, the responsibility of welfare services and the provision of employment opportunities is the primary responsibility of government. We are also aware that, our government lack responsive capacity to address this issue but should restrategize on how to ameliorate this challenge to save our country from imminent collapse.

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