Senator Orkver Jev:The pathfinder

Dividends of democracy is defined in the face of zone B and political associate of Senator Jev with social responsibility of stomach infrastructure as development which is just not in one aspect but is diversified. One aspect which the legend Senator is proving his capacity is about dishing out cash to both the able and the less privilege. I so much admire this style of simplicity.
During one of the visit at home, it was no longer news as different groups with all sorts of demands besieged his residence,I must confess that non went home disappointed.The likes of these groups are MINDA Support group, Jemgbagh Support group, Student support group and so many others. This is a prove that despite opposition he can stand strong to bring home dividends of democracy.
Sen. Orker Jev has successfully demonstrated uncommon love to his Constituents by always standing by them even at the moments its proves to be impossible looking at the predicaments facing the country .
In his quest to serve the good people of Zone B, Senetor Emmanuel Yisa Orker Jev has ensured that within two years of his stay at the red Chambers of the Senate, Zone B is not cheated. He is standing strong in the face of equal distribution of wealth to seeing that his constituent is not left out.
It takes a man of integrity and boldness to exibit the character of the Distinguish Senator of the federal republic He is the most peaceful and democratic Leader that Benue State has ever produced no wonder God has been standing by him to uphold mandates even when opposed
It is to this end that Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) nominated him to be a member of their Parliament. The Senator has been members of several decision making bodies at the Senate.
His quest to satisfy the yearning desire of his people, Senator Orker Jev has excuted yet to be commissioned projects to lessen the burden in some of the communities in Benue North West.
As captured in his agenda for next year, the Law maker has outlined numerous angle to affect positively on the life’s of the populace

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