Real politicians don’t make Fake Promises but always take People by Surprise.

Advise to Nigerian electorates.

Real Politicians Don’t make Fake Promises.


Real politicians don’t make promises, they always take people by surprise.

The following Politicians are example of good Politicians.


Rev. Fr. ADASU

A practical example of which my father was a living witness date back to the 1990s when Rev. Fr. Moses Orshio Adasu was campaigning to become the governor of Benue state under the platform of SDP.
He will always tell the people that they already know where he is coming from (the Church), that he don’t have anything to give them but let them just vote for him he will not disappoint them if elected.
He made this same statement when he went for campaign at Akpagher-Mbatiav, (the commercial and political head quarter of Mbatiav district.

Mbatiav people are politically influential because of their numerical strength. Any candidate they choose to support usually comes out victorious.
They stood behind Fr. Adasu and at the end of the day he emerge the winner.

Adasu in appreciation went back to Mbatiav people to thank them for supporting him and told them that
he is going to compensate them by building a cement factory for them.

The following week Adasu mobilized people to site in preparation to building the factory but the dream hit the rock when Adasu was forced out of office by
the military.

Apart from this Adasu within a short period of time in office established Benue state university, upgraded College of Education, Oju, started BENCO Roof Tiles, Katsina-Ala fruit juice company among many other proposed projects.

Barr. Herman Hembe.

Another example is that of Barr.Herman Iorwase Hembe of Jerchira.
I was at Ihugh in 2007 but I did not know this strong figure when he was campaigning to become the House of Reps of Jerchira Federal constituency.
But many people said he did not make Promises during his campaign, till in 2011 when I went to Mbara Community Secondary school Ihugh and saw his projects.
Barr. Hembe now the best House of Reps so far in Benue state, he make uncountable projects across his constituency and even outside his constituency, each kindred in Jerchira has at least five boreholes from Hembe.
He connected most of the villages like
Diiv in Shangev-Tiev to national grid.

That is why he is known as “Wan-iunda u Jerchira” he makes so many
other projects which he did not promise during his campaign.


Hon. John Dyegh.

Another good son of Mbatiav in person of Hon. John Dyegh did not promise anybody anything when he was campaigning for the Federal House of
Representative seat (Gboko/Tarka Federal constituency).
Nobody even believed that John Dyegh will win the election for he was campaigning under the platform of the opposition party ACN now APC.

But Mbatiav people are politically viable, they stood behind their son and at the end of the day he emerged victorious.

John Dyegh took everybody by surprise; he built Mbatiav Science and Technical School and a hospital at Akpagher.
John Dyegh drilled number of boreholes across his constituency and connected Ikumbur which has all this while being in darkness to the National grid. Due to his wonderful performance during his first tenure, he was overwhelmingly given another mandate in 2015.

These are the kind of people we need in this country as leaders not money spinners.

Umaru Musa Yar’ Adua.

Moreover, Yar’ Adua did not promise Nigerians anything after all he was sick during the campaign period, his predecessor Obasanjo was campaigning on his behalf.
Yar’ Adua took everybody by surprise by running a people oriented government, unfortunately; death took him away when Nigerians were beginning to enjoy his government.

Advise the our Youths.

Nigerian electorate, if you don’t know let me educate you, when politicians come to you with little money, bags of rice, salt and unimaginable promises which majority of the people will end up
getting nothing, know that the last time you are going to see them if you are lucky enough to see them again is on the eve of election.
Know also that by collecting N200, a mould of rice and salt or even less, you are sabotaging your future and the future of your children for real politicians don’t induce electorate with money and food items nor fake promises rather they keep whatever they want to do and take people unaware.


Mkohol Aondona Kenneth is a political science student of Benue State University Makurdi. He is from Konshisha LGA of Benue State,

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