Meet Poor Iember Juliet, Face of Konshisha 2021 contestant.

Vote Poor Juliet for Face of Konshisha

Who is Poor Juliet??

POOR Iember Juliet hails from Mbayegh(Gungul), Mbaikyase council ward, shangev-Tiev, konshisha LGA of Benue state. She is a third child in the family of four children(2 boys and 2girls), born from the family of Hon. and Mrs Joseph Ikyurav Poor, on 1st December, 1993.

She started her education with
LGEA primary school Gungul from 1999 to 2005.
She further on and attended GSS Gungul from 2005 to 2008, from there, she transferred to Anglican Secondary School mkd in 2008 to 2011.
She also attended Domji Memorial academy in 2015.

In her inquisitiveness about education, applied and was admitted at College of advance and professional studies mkd from 2013 -2014.

Thereafter, got admitted into Benue state University in 2015

She just graduated from the prestigious Benue state university, makurdi,in the department of Chemistry where she studied B.Sc(Hons) Chemistry (awaiting result)

She loves reading, cooking,traveling,making friends and football.


Why aspire for the Face of Konshisha.

To all who constantly seek Justice for women and humanity all around the world, my love goes out fervently for you.
I appreciate squarely, the convener and all concerned in organising and planning for this impactful opportunity.

May I use this medium to express my solemn aspiration and sell out my vision to the entire audience and great people of Konshisha origin.

My aspiration is borne out of the desire to contribute my quota towards the girl child education project at all levels.

A higher number of girl child out there can not attain higher educational qualification due to early marriages, early or unwanted pregnancies, poor economic policies coupled with inability to pay tuition fees.
A USA based research (Let Girls Learn) which was championed by the then first lady of America, Michelle Obama revealed that 62million girls who were out of school wish to be in school but do no have the same chances as their male contemporaries. This is largely based on the cultural and social belief that girls would eventually get married and be only beneficial to another family.

I am on the contrary that when you education a girl rather, you are giving her the keys to a brighter future. It is evident that girls who get educated before marriage have; healthier families and even have a decent source of livelihood to contribute in training her children.
My reign as the face of Konshisha will strive at all times to organize and deliver entrepreneurship skill acquisition/training for teaming ladies around the area.
This project is aimed at delivering the girl child from financial/ moral bondage that replicates prostitution just to meet her basic sanitary needs.
Finally, I strongly believe in the school of thought which says ‘All that is needed for evil to triumph is for good people to do nothing’.
My interest in this contest is to ensure that I win and make it a mandate to elevate the physical, psychological, social and moral status amongst the female populace, beginning from one girl, then to hundreds and thousands. This will restore the lost virtues of hardworking and morality usually associated with the Tiv women.

Submissively, I humbly present myself to you all for general assessment, comments, contribution and prayers. I solicit your unalloyed support towards the success of this course. I commit myself and each experience I’ve got to the total emancipation of gender imbalance and
I hope for a better life for us all. You too can make a difference.


Why Vote Juliet Poor for Face of Konshisha?


“I’m a mother and I should know the plight of my children. Voting me in as the Face Of Konshisha will give me ample opportunity to work towards your problems.
As a queen, I will make sure I set a wide path that connects you with the industrious sons and daughters of Konshisha that you voted and you will vote into offices.
I will always remain your bridge. I will always remain a liaison officer between you and them.

How can I do this?

Once you have a problem, bring it to my table, share it with me and I will personally take it go to the rightful place and tender your problem. The office of the Face of Konshisha will remain dormant except it’s giving to who knows the right of a queen.

Where there is lack of communication, their is every tendency of failure in all ramifications. Sometimes most of these people didn’t attend to your problems because they are unaware.
If only there is someone to connect you so that you will express and tender your problems, it won’t be left unattended to. In my regime, I will always open rooms for policies, ideas and suggestions that will positively impact on the society.

Because of the nature of my selflessness, I will dedicate to serve you not minding myself. My dream is to be a good queen to my people.



Mkohol Aondona Kenneth is a political science student of Benue State University Makurdi. He is from Konshisha LGA of Benue State,

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