Shock: See how Poor People are Suffering in Nigeria.

Challenges of the needy


Pains and Challenges of the Poor..


You find a street vendor, hawker, a person with disability or Mama kunu, You lower your car’s window and with pride you asked her.

“How much are you selling those onions”
The poor seller politely reply, “N100 for a packet boss.”
With a foreign accent you demand 2 packets for N150 or you will leave.
The old seller resign to fate and reply, “Come take them at the price you want, it is a good beginning because I have not been able to sell even a single onion today.”

She pack two packets and with a military voice you order her to hurry up or you leave her onion to rot under the scorching sun, With a heartily smile she give you 2 packets as she bless you for promoting her.

You literally throw N150 to her feeling you have won, You zoom washing her feeble body with a cloud of dust from your posh car.

You go to a 5 star hotel, There, you meet rich friends and you politely ask them to order whatever they want.

They literally taste the expensive food and the leftovers are more than the food they ordered.

The Bill is brought, It is N50,000 and you pay without bargaining, You give a tip of N2,000 appreciating the waiter for a delicious meal which you didn’t eat a quarter of it.

This incident might seem quite normal to you, But very painful to the poor onion seller because she just made a loss of N50. Her poverty left her with no choice.

My questions are…
1. Why do we always show we have bargaining power when we buy from the needy?.

2. Why do we become arrogant when buying from the harmless poor?. Why do we become stingy when buying from the vulnerable?.

3. Why do we get generous to those who do not even need our generosity?

4. Why do we become polite when buying from the rich who view our money as mere change?.

5. Why do we channel money to a sea of money?

Think about this deeply?.

The poor are treated like wild animals in this wicked world.

Poor people really pass through pains they don’t even sleep at night.

We all know how just one night of bad sleep can put us in a total funk. When you struggle getting restorative rest night after night, the effects can be devastating.

I’ve spent much of my life lying awake in bed until the early morning, praying for sleep. With the help of a sleep specialist, I was finally able to connect
my symptoms with a diagnosis. Delayed sleep phase syndrome , a disorder in which your preferred sleep time is at least two hours later than
conventional bedtimes.

In a perfect world, I’d fall asleep in the early morning hours and stay in bed until noon. But since this isn’t a perfect world, I have many sleep-deprived days.

It’s so painful, I can even say that poor people have no right, because they are denied of their right, they are manipulated, and nobody even loves them.

This world is wicked.


Mkohol Aondona Kenneth is a political science student of Benue State University Makurdi. He is from Konshisha LGA of Benue State,

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