Nigeria can Never Develop Without Igbo: Check Out Why Igbo People Should be Given President in 2023.

Igbo People are Not bad People.

Nigeria can Never Develop Without Igbo: Check Out Why Igbo People Should be given President in 2023.


There is a proverb in my language that, “Wan-ye Kpa duun Yar tiôr” (Even a child can lift a deer that has fallen in the pit). I’m nobody but I wan to use this opportunity to tell Nigerians that the reason why Nigeria is not yet developed is because the people (Igbo) that have the key to open the door of development of this great country have been locked up in prison for the past fifty (50) years.

The most intelligent, industrious, enterprising and adventurous set of people in the whole of Africa have been side-lined in terms of of leadership position in this country for too long. We have the Aba made goods in Igbo land; we have Innoson Vehicle Manufacturing Company in Igbo land. An Igbo president is long overdue.

We have been blinded by the fact that an Igbo president will simply make Biafra dream achievable for the Igbo People and as a result, denied them the opportunity to take the No. 1 position since we came back from the war.

The fact that Igbo People tried to have a country of their own was because they left betrayed by Nigeria. Another fact that till today they are still clamoring for Movement for the Actualization of the Sovereign State of Biafra (MASSOB) is also because they have not been allowed to produce a president so, they feel not been carried along in the entity called Nigeria. I’m not talking about vice president neither am I talking about Senate president; I’m talking about president of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

I read some chapters in a book titled, “In Biafra Africa Died” by Emefiena Ezeani (2013) and particularly under “the down in darkness and sun set in Africa” and I got some interesting comments I think every Nigerian should consider. The first comment said:

The place known as Biafra was, in the 1960s the fastest growing economy in the world. It should be pointed out that growth had nothing to do with the crude oil in it’s soil. It’s economy was based on cash crops principally palm oil and other ancillary products from Palm tree, what is today boosting the Malaysian economy” .

The second comment is the one made by Admiral Ndubuisi Kano former Governor of old Imo and Lagos State.

The loss of Biafra robbed Africa of what would have been a world power technolocally, economically and Politically. It is most unfortunate that Nigeria could not imbibe and absorb any lesson from the scientific and technological innovations in Biafra. That is why fifty (50) years after, along with the underpinning problems of faulty foundational structure, the country can hardly generate electricity or refine crude oil…. It is also unfortunate that Nigeria in real terms did not learn from the war itself”.

The statement made by Ndubuisi Kano attracted reactions from different quarters and that led to the third comment by the White American with a cyber-name “Littledickwhiteboy” which I want Nigerians to consider with seriousness.

“I have met lots of Igbo and Yoruba in America. What happened to the northern Nigerians? The only northerner I know is the TERRORIST MURTALLAB.
Igbo People I know are very hard working People, and make a lot of sacrifice to earn a decent living.
The Yoruba I met also work hard but always talk bad of Igbo; I have come to a conclusion from several experiences that it has a lot to do with jealousy more than anything else.
I also think that, the Biafra thing was a threat to Western countries and Russia because of their ingenuity and ability to withstand a war on their own, with no significant help white (sic) being starved to death”.


The fourth and last message from the book is the one made by Justice Paul Nwokedi, Chairman National Human Rights Commission with Vanguard Newspaper (7th December, 2011). Where he was asked what exactly was the issue of one Japan too much for Europe when talking about Biafra?
His response:

I can’t really remember that much but I can only remember we were sent on a mission abroad and when we got to Bulgeria or somewhere in Europe, we had a meeting to solicit support for Biafra. At the meeting they said if we support Biafra, it would mean emergence of another Japan and that one Japan was already too much for Europe and so, that they could not afford to support Biafra and that they would rather support Nigeria”.

I want to identify with my Igbo brothers that the inhumane treatment against them were/is grievous but at the same time implore them to forgive and forget though, it is not easy to do so.

I wish my Igbo brothers to permit me to say that, ” the sun” does not set without rising again, if it does not it means the end of the world. So, the sun that set yesterday should be able to rise tomorrow to provide sunshine to the other part of the world.

Nigerians, the Igbo People are aggrieved with the way they are being treated In Nigeria. Giving them the No.1 seat will rekindle their hope and sense of belonging for them to realize the Biafra dream for Nigeria. Let us regain our sight and stop judging them based on what happened yesterday, today is a different day altogether.

A fallacy that if they are given the No. 1 seat they will secede has no place in today’s Nigeria; even an Igbo man Will not try it again having experienced the consequences of war fifty-two (52) years ago.

As we begin another democratic journey, let us bear in mind that 2023 is for Igbo People. Let’s try the Igbo and see what they have to offer Nigeria. I wish to use this opportunity to call on Ohanaeze Indigbo to consult whatever they can consult to make sure they present a sincere, honest, tested and trusted Igbo presidential candidate come 2023 General Elections. I believe an Igbo president will not disappoint Nigerians.

Finally and most importantly, I want Nigerians to to shun ethnic, tribe, religious, and regional Politics for it is not healthy for democracy. Moreover, let us stop the zoning mentality that brings about division rather than unity.

The mentality that it is the turn of the north, south, East or West to produce a leader is not healthy for democracy. If we do away with these negative tendencies, any trusted, honest and sincere person Nigerians believe will deliver can emerge anywhere, anytime and accomplish the demand and Wish of people not minding the region he or she is coming from if we want Nigeria to develop.



Mkohol Aondona Kenneth is a political science student of Benue State University Makurdi. He is from Konshisha LGA of Benue State,

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