Meet Terry Waya, the Most Richest Businessman in Benue State: His Net Worth will Surprise you..

Terry Waya's biography

Who is Terry Waya?

We are all aware that Terry Waya is the recent trending London-based business tycoon who became very popular in Nigeria after his son, Kiddwaya got involved in the famous Big Brother Naija Show 2020 Edition that held most Nigerians spellbound to the activities in the entertaining program. Terry Waya is a Tiv man from Benue State, although, he actually left home at a very young age and came back as a millionaire, now Terry Waya is a billionaire. Without further ado, let us take a quick glance at Terry Waya profile:

His Biography.

The business giant known as Terry Waya was born on the 3rd of May, (1961) in Benue State. He is now 60 years old. Terry Waya currently resides in London, which is like his permanent base but he is originally from Benue State, the Middle Belt region of Nigeria. Even though, he is from Benue State, he used to live and carry out his business activities in Kaduna State. In fact, he and his family lived in Kaduna State for a long time, and his children grew up there. After spending many years in Kaduna, where his sons also actively assisted him in his business, he relocated to Abuja with his family. While in Abuja, he began to experience exponential growth in his business due to the social life and friendship he had with soldiers there.

Who is the Wife of Terry Waya?

The businessman, Terry Waya is currently married to Edo Udoh who was actually the former wife of the popular businessman “Bisi Olafisoye.” According to known sources, her marriage terminated with her former husband, ‘Bisi Olafisoye’ over some irreconcilable differences. Later she moved on with her life and the charming Terry Waya took her as his wife and so their love affair blossomed. She is from the South-South part of Nigeria and a society woman.


Who are his Close Friends and Associates?

He is known to have a close friendship with the Nigerian Senator, Dino Malaye and Dele Momodu. He was spotted at the Senator’s residence when he paid a condolence visit to him over the death of his mother. Terry Waya is known in social circles as an unrepentant partying fellow. He is mostly seen in the company of elites, governors, senators and the like. In one publication, he once boasted that he only drinks bottled water from Paris!

Terry Waya’s Net Worth.

Terry Waya is likely to be among the list of top Nigerian billionaires as he is a very successful businessman and an influential socialite with various huge streams of wealth connected to him across the globe. It is known that he gets profits of millions of dollars on a regular basis. He is estimated to be worth a whopping $865 Million as his Net worth. Some people claim that he is somewhat higher than the estimated Net worth.

His Educational background.

Terry Waya’s background was very bad because he came from a very poor family, his parents did not actually know his whereabout, and no proper account is given concerning his educational background. Because he left home when he was small and came back as a millionaire.

Terry Waya is the father of KiddWaya and Tersoo Waya.


How Terry Waya Became Popular.

As we know, Terry Waya began trending online when his son, Kidawaya joined the Big Brother Naija Show. Since then, many people search for the man online, especially in Nigeria. So we decided to gather information about him to enlighten you more about him.


His Mansions.




Mkohol Aondona Kenneth is a political science student of Benue State University Makurdi. He is from Konshisha LGA of Benue State,

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