Lubem Terkula: the Dragon of Benue State.


Who is Lubem Terkula?

Comrade Lubem Terkula Retd-Aluta General often called Aluta Dragon General rtd, is of Tiv origin who hails from Ute Koti-Yough in Vandeikya Local government of Benue State.

Today Jechira appears quite relevant in the national political space owing to its aura of great minds and the cream of leaders it has produced over the years both in public and private spheres. It has indeed produced men and women of outstanding credentials and social standing with national and international recognition.

It is probably why its unique flair of politics usually appears attractive to observers.

Jechira Federal Constituency comprises of both Vandeikya and Konshisha Local Government Areas, has no doubt produced sound minds that have excellently excelled at various capacities. The out come of their leaders’ mandates have relatively been impressive, to say the least.

At the return of democracy in 1999 to date, the Jechiral constituents have had less cause to lament over the activities and subsequent delivery of those that have occupied their seats at the National Assembly and other capacities. At the moment, the recent display of men and women gunning up to occupy the Federal seat come 2023 seem not to be disappointing by any means.

By objective observation however, and given the present mood, expectations and general opinion of the Jechira people, Comr Lubem Terkula appears reliably relevant at the critical moment as a clear choice in the Saddle. This is largely owed to his great achievements, excellent ideals, social standing, practical virtues, impressive credentials and his people inclined manifesto. Undoubtedly he appears kitted with the ideal social blend to match the wider expectations of the Jechira constituents following all that he has done in small Scale’s as Benue Students’ leader.

It is clear to many that his Sojourn in unionisim and political experience over the year has proved to be solidly productive and beneficial to mankind.
As a union leader he left no one in doubt of his resolute to deliver on his core functions. In fact, the brilliant score-card of the students union administration as of 2017 to 2019 was largely owed to his professionalism, commitment, tact and goodwill.

He indeed proved to possessed what is needed to achieve prompt delivery of any mandate.
Comrade Lubem Terkula Retd-Aluta General often called Aluta Dragon General.

He is the last Child of his mother a Christian by birth, following his parents’ uncompromising devotion to the Catholic doctrine and teaching, he received infant baptism with the promise ( by the parents) to keep the light of the baptism burning in him until he become conscious of the faith.

Indeed these wonderful parents held to their promise which today comrade Lubem though in the midst of many offers to defy his Christian and Catholic faith in particular still hold high the belief his parents imprinted in his life as a sign of obedience.

Educational Qualifications.

Distinguished comrade Lubem started his educational career at LGEA primary School and had his FLSC in 2007 after which he was admitted at Ute community secondary school and passed out in 2013 with 9 Credits in WAEC/NECO.

With the zeal he had for education, distinguished comrade Lubem registered and wrote Jamb in which he was offered admission at Benue State University Makurdi to study B.Sc. Geography in the faculty of Environmental Sciences.
Distinguished comrade Lubem is now a graduate in the department of Geography with a good record of academic excellence.

His Social Life

Distinguished comrade Lubem is an invaluable unionist who has not only offered his time, finance, material assistance to Benue State University students but his life in the course of fighting for the welfare of both the students and youths of Benue State in general. This led the decision of Benue State University students who chanted and insisted that comrade Lubem should be declared unopposed in the 2016/2017 Students Union (SU) election as the substantive Secretary General of SU after judging from his untired efforts which he lead a Protest to end BSU ASUU Strike.

Comrade Lubem in the course of discharging his duty as Secretary General of SU, he went beyond the wall with legal consciousness by updating to the whole world the activities of Benue State University which reduced management bills for adverts and other information it intend to disseminates, and of course, his media coverage revealed many antisocial and vicious activities of some students and staff of the University and the host community which aided Students’with recent happening on campus.

Comrade Lubem is a mysterious being following his joy in taking risk with his life for service to humanity. Among these services are; the mega protest on June 12th and 28th 2017 led by him, when the then SU leadership failed in their responsibility to raise a voice against the long strike, and this attracted the attention of Governor Samuel Ortom who in seven days meet the demands of ASUU BSU chapter to reopen Benue State University for academic activities.

He led students protest for Benue killings and kidnappings, and against NO SCHOOL FEES NO EXAMS.
In November 2018, Comrade Lubem led an unforgettable protest against the ban of BSU and UAM students from participating in the mandatory national youth service scheme (NYSC), he thereafter write to Sen. George Akume the then serving senator ZoneB and Bar. Orker Jev the then Buruku house of rep’s which Barr Jev immediately intervened, taking up the matter to the green Chambers of the national assembly with his colleagues giving NYSC a matching order to immediately mobilize the students, which they did, a fight that has led some of us to be corps members across the nation.

The young and courageous Comrade did not relent, he led the team that recovered the two students of Benue State university that got drawn in the river Benue which gave him the title “chief Marine commander”.

These are few of the unrecorded contributions of comrade Lubem to the university community and Benue State at large.
It is on this note, that BSU Students say, it is good to reward those who give much to the society and importantly those who risk their lives in the course of love for humanity.

We the Benue state university students therefore imprint the name of this dogged comrade in the hearts of the students and the campus by renaming the park close to boy’s hostel at first camp as ALUTA DRAGON PARK.
His humane philanthropist have over the years empowered a good Segment of Benue youths at large and Students’ largely considered vulnerable. Most people attest of his rare virtues and sacrificial regard for Benue State Students’ social welfarism, who see him as a role model, a comrade, and a brilliant example to any youth.

Observers see him as one with the direct touch with his people having grown to taste the sweet and soured experiences of the down trodden, he understands how best to meet up with their yearnings and human challenges.
A very consistent, faithful and devoted concerned member of the public Justice who has being persistently working for the success his state at both local and national realm of politics.
Lubem Terkula has indeed paid the prize through his goodwill and tremendous support for Benue state Students’ in small Scale’s. A social mobilizer, and model to many.

A team player, advocate of socialism and a firm believer in consensus views, he is consistent with practical democratic ideals geared towards benefiting mankind.
No doubt his private has always been that of the public benefit usually a haven of a sort as people usually troop in to seek one form of favour or another.

His Political Ambition.

Comr Lubem Terkula by all factors desires to extend a touch of his profound magnanimity to his people at all times. For Jechira, he appears to be the suitable choice as the people beckons upon to represent them at the Lower Chambers of the National Assembly come 2023
Innovative legislation 2023
Jechira Advance Agenda’s JAA’S
For Rural Development and Service Delivery
Five Points Agenda
Agricultural Loans
Scholarship to Students
Constituency projects
Constituency Town Hall briefings
Community Social Activities.


Mkohol Aondona Kenneth is a political science student of Benue State University Makurdi. He is from Konshisha LGA of Benue State,

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