Leadership and Acceptability: Hon. Herman Hembe, The Benue 2023 Project.


Leadership and Acceptability: Hon. Herman Hembe, The Benue 2023 Project.




The concept ‘acceptability’ has been over the years traditionally judged according to reliability, commitment, truthfulness, accountability and what have you, as characteristics of an acceptable leader.

It pertains to a dominant pattern dealing with how a leader confronts social, economic and political realities of our time in his styles.

This pattern completely compartmentalises leadership; the acceptable and the unacceptable leadership.

That is, doings by a leader to his subjects birth his acceptability or his unacceptability.

The governed’s perceptions, ratings and judgements about a leader’s acceptability is a favourable and significant trend globally.

For positive thinkers who are pious supporters of development, the attributes mentioned are important building-blocks in the construction of a better Benue, and this clearly defines Rt. Hon. Herman Iorwase Hembe, the Benue State Saviour and Chief Servant come 2023.

Indeed, Hembe has competed, won and placed in the category of the acceptable leaders in recent times.
Can we ask a question? Certainly, ‘yes’ is the answer.


Why is Hembe the top winner in this category?

The answer. Hembe is a good servant, and good servants are admired, accepted, blessed and rewarded for their piety.
This is a very strong presupposition that Hembe is being admired, accepted, blessed and rewarded for maintaining a distinctive lifestyle of a good servant.

In so many ways, the influence and achievements of Hon. Hembe perdure all over the state, not only in his immediate Jechira Federal Constituency.

He has designed, constructed and donated over 50 blocks of three classrooms with offices to both government-owned and community schools in his constituency.

The equipping of these schools with computers, quality chairs, desks and tables is what The Honourable is doing with passion.


Hembe is a leader.

Interestingly, Hon. Hembe has just again procured thousands of chairs and tables to be distributed to all schools in Vandeikya/Konshisha Federal Constituency.



I must also mention the fact that some of these schools have been connected to the internet for both the learners and teachers to be updated and informed. The motive behind this is to democratize luck for every Jechira child.

Provision of quality education for children is one of the sine qua nons for the greatness of a society.

The acceptability being enjoyed by Hon. Herman Hembe is as a result of this reason mentioned and many other reasons.

Again, even the unborn child knows the adage, “water is life.” This adage presupposes that where there is no water or there is only impure water in a society, it should be considered that it is a calamity that has befallen that particular society.


Hon. Hembe for governor.


In other that Jechira Federal Constituency should not be deleted on the map of existence, The Governor of Benue State come 2023 has purchased for his constituency a borehole drilling Rig (machine).
And it will interest you to know that almost every community in Jechira has either a solar powered motorized borehole or a hand pump borehole donated by Hon. Hembe.

Moreso, but on power/electricity, 90% of the major towns and villages in Jechira Federal Constituency have been electrified and the people are enjoying steady light.


This has brought a lot of opportunities to Jechira people. This one too is another reason for Hon. Hembe’s acceptability as a leader.

Furthermore, however on the construction of roads, The A Sôr Tar U Jechira, as he has been christened, has gone beyond the boundaries of his immediate constituency to Makurdi, the Benue State capital where he has perfectly constructed three streets in Nyiman Layout.


Hembe is the best leader in Benue State.

To him, he is not only a Jechira son but a Benue son, and as such, Benue people must benefit from him.
This too is an ingredient that has added to the palatability of Hon. Hembe’s acceptability by Benue people.

A development-driven and peace-loving leader will also prioritize the construction of bridges where there are no bridges. Bridges symbolise unity among communities.
With bridges, communities are connected to pave ways for development and coexistence.
As a result, The Peace Advocate has constructed a bridge at river Nienge along Agbeede, Ber Agbum, Lobi road.

The bridge links Konshisha and Ushongo Local Government Areas of Benue State.
He has also constructed a bridge at river Unyumura in Abagi, Mbakyase, Konshisha LGA.
Another bridge constructed by The People’s Honourable is at river Atum which links Korinya city, Tongo and Akundu in Konshisha Local Government Area of Benue State.
The Hon. Hembe of Benue has transcended the boundaries of Jechira again on his good works to another constituency, precisely in zone C, in Oju Local Government Area of Benue State where he has constructed for the good people of Ochoro a bridge that is also called Ochoro bridge.
This practice too is another arrow in Hembe’s quiver.
Empowering youths is planning for an excellent society.
In this area too, Hembe is performing wonders as he has so far empowered over 5000 youths and women across the state, not just only in his immediate constituency.

For a case in point, below is the statistical rundown:

The Youth Ambassador has influenced the employment of over 300 youths in Federal Government ministries and agencies such as: Federal Ministry of Youths Development, Federal Inland Revenue Service, Corporate Affairs Commission, Nigeria Customs Service, Nigeria Immigration Service, Nigeria Security and Civil Defence Corps, The Nigeria Police Force, The Military, Universities, National Assembly, and so on.
More than 200 hundred women in his constituency have been empowered through sponsorship in the areas of cake making, interior decoration and dress making.

Upon graduation, the women were adequately given working tools to buttress them in their chosen careers. Over 100 artisans have been empowered with working tools.

More still on youths empowerment, the in-coming Governor of Benue State has donated over 3000 Hero and Bajaj motorcycle to his constituents.
Over 50 vehicles have been given to the youths and the elderly in his constituency.
Over 1000 Grinding machines have been given to women across Jechira Constituency.

Again, countless number of Jechira students have benefited from Hon. Hembe by way of giving them financial assistance (scholarship). More than 10 students are completely under the sponsorship of Hembe from Secondary School to the University.

More on youths empowerment and development, Hon. Hembe characteristically and overwhelmingly supported Hon. Cephas Ashwa-Dyako who emerged victorious in the last General Elections.
This is a clear and good message to the youths. 90% of his staff are youths of distinction and integrity.

All these and many more good works which I have not mentioned here have attracted a loyal, enchanted following and acceptability by the people, hence his victory come 2023 as the Governor of Benue State.





Mkohol Aondona Kenneth is a political science student of Benue State University Makurdi. He is from Konshisha LGA of Benue State,

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