Involvement of Youths into Politics will do us no Good but Rather Increase Corruption.

People that criticize are the most corrupt people on Earth

Involvement of Youths into Politics will do us no Good but Rather Increase Corruption.


We should be looking for ways to build our economy rather than getting into politics because depending on politics will only increase poverty and corruption.

Economy is the base (sub-structure) of any society and wherever the economy is weak, politics dominate and when politics dominate corruption take over the place.

Politics according to Karl Marx is “a struggle for power and the use of such powers”. Corruption at the other hand is “the overuse or misuse of power for wrong reasons”.

Politics can never do without corruption and corruption can never do without politics because corruption is the prominent feature of politics.

Power is a key in understanding politics because power lies at the heart of all politicians that is why politicians are called “corrupt people”.

One can not look for power without abusing it some day, that is why they “Power corrupt and absolute power corrupt absolutely”.


Corruption started in Nigeria before independence.

The problems we have been experiencing in Nigeria since independence is described as a struggle for power, our first leaders did a mistake and it’s now affecting and it will continue affecting us because we are not ready for change, but we only want to continue from there.

Our Economy was the only thing that attracted Europeans to colonize Africa, Europeans first became interested in Africa for trade route purposes.
They were taking our mineral wealth into their countries and using our resources to build their own countries, and later they started started for place to invest in our countries.

Our nationalists having known that those colonial masters were using our resources to build their continent, they started agitating for independence (political independence), but they were not interested in Political economy and those colonial officers having seeing that our leaders were much interested in Political power rather than political economy, they said “let’s give it to them, since all they want is political power”.

They gave us only the political power and went with our economic power that is why they control our economy up till now.

Corruption before independence

Immediately after giving us the political power, struggle started, and this is when political corruption started in Nigeria, though, Nnamdi Azikiwe was accused of starching public fund in his own bank account, this led to the political crises which arose in Eastern Nigeria.

After independence, Dr. Nnandi Azikiwe who was the Governor General seized all the powers and refused to appoint Tafawa Ballewa the prime minister, even the counter coup of January 15th 1966 and Nigerian civil war of 1967-1970 was a result of political struggle, and that was how the struggle continued till 1999 when the military head of State Gen. Abdulsalami Abubakar handed over powers to the civilian government.

One of the factors that led to military intervention was corruption, but those military leaders that were rejected during military rule because of corruption are still ruling us.
This is to tell you that Nigeria has accepted corruption as a norm and a free and game that anybody can play without qualms.

Nigerian Youths instead of looking for ways to make a change they still want to follow their old leaders, they look at politics as the only way of survival, but believe me you can’t make a change through politics.

Our first leaders did well because the economy then was stronger than now, they were working sorely on what our colonial masters built, if we can bring them back to rule us we will discover that they were very corrupt.

But we have all it takes for a country to develop but nobody is looking into it, everybody wants benefit from crude oil’s money, we don’t have entrepreneurs even our educational system is the one that only prepare people to be job seekers rather than entrepreneurs.

I will advise Nigerian Youths to look for things to do to build our economy than looking for ways to make some individuals rich. Age is never our problem and political parties are not our problem but the system itself is corrupt.

Don’t Follow People that criticize, they are the most corrupt people on Earth.

People that criticize are the most corrupt people on Earth, they will make others to look at them as saints by labelling those in power corrupt but “if you want to test them just give them power”.

My brothers and sisters, I will advise you never to follow those Youths that criticize or insult leaders on social media, those Youths are up to something, they are betrayals, just looking for ways to get people’s attention and also get money from our leaders.

They jump from insulting one leader to another but when they are bribed nobody knows, and nobody hears from them again.

Most of those Youths were Unionists, they contributed a lot in building a worse society for others, if you can ask them about the resources that were placed in their hands they won’t be able to defend themselves, but when they come to the public they talk like people with no sin.

There is no difference.

These Youths shouting YOUTHS GOVERNMENT were the so-called Stakeholders during scholarship payment in Benue State, can any of them tell us exactly what happened to the scholarship money??

You hear about people dying every year in the name of Unionism, and I want to ask who really kill those Unionists??

What really happened to Tyonor Smith?? Were our leaders the ones that sent people against him?? What of Charles Dust??

I was attacked and my phone was snatched just because I was campaigning for Aku Deborah, the so-called Youths were the ones that attacked me, and you think they can do better??

The only thing we can do now is to unite, and look for ways to develop ourselves than talking about Youths leadership.

We elected people below 45 years in the state and national assemblies but what and what have they done differently as youths??

Please let no one deceive you that Youths can do better..

There is still hope, skills acquisition and self Empowerment are the only things that can bring change and Development in Nigeria.
Let’s build our economy.



Mkohol Aondona Kenneth is a political science student of Benue State University Makurdi. He is from Konshisha LGA of Benue State,

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  1. this is so interesting, I really appreciate your efforts in trying to take Nigeria to the next level.
    just keep it up.

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