EFCC and ICPC are Rather making things Worse in our Country.

Anti-corruption bodies in Nigeria


EFCC (Economic and Fianclal Cime Commission) and ICPC (Independent Corrupt Practices and other related offences Commission) are the two (2) Anti-Corruption Agencies established by the Obasanjo administration to handle corruption cases in Nigena. Though set up by the govermment, these two (2) anti-corruption bodies have not been properly funded to address the issue of coruption in Nigeria. They are toothless bulldogs that can bark but can’t bite. They disappear when everybody is expecting them to swing into action.

All they know is to arrest innocent young people who are trying become something in life, and they allow these big politicians who loot billions out of the national Treasury to freely like birds ofthe air. The worse part of it is that, this create fear in the heart of people who want to do something that even a common Nigerian will benefit from, they rather use our money to build other countries economy just for the fear of EFCC.

The truth about corruption.

The truth about corruption is that, these people involved are very powerful, they have a powerful clique if you are not careful in trying to investigate them, you will end up whining and dinning with them and before you know you are messed up.

Apart from EFCC and ICPC we have the O-Corruption coalition to check corruption practices but the more we have them, the more corruption cases we are experiencing in Our system.

Lukman Adefule speech about corruption.

Lukman Adefule of O-corruption coaliion On Brugami aired on Vision FM (92.)) on the 1st of September, 2014 said about 150 cases of corruptton has been ldentified in Nigeria, the highest in recent time he said.
He went further to say that about N50 billion was recovered from the recent pension scam. These and many others that have taken place without anybody detecting it is what my dear country is suffering from and someone will tell me that corruption is not our problem and you expect people to believe you when they are seen corruption everyday? lt is not Possible.

If EFCC and ICPC were doing their job.

If the EFCC and the ICPC were independent, properly Financed and we’re doing their job just like the American FBI (Federal Bureau of Investigation) and NSA (National Security Agency), they would have done a lot in tackling corruption in Nigeria. If the Nigerian police were intelligent in their investigation and effective somehow comparable to Interpol and above all if the Nigerian Judiciary were corrupt free like the American and British Judiciary where corrupt people are punished to serve as deterrent to others, corruption would not have been at the level it is in Nigeria. As sad as the story is, the little effort the EFCC is making to checkmate Corruption, the judiciary keeps on compromising the effort they are making in order to curb the menace. If the National Immigration, Custom Service, Civil Defence, State Security Service etc. were not immersed in corruption and doing their work well, no doubt Niger1a would have been the best nation on earth to live and do business for the citizens are friendly and peaceful people.



Mkohol Aondona Kenneth is a political science student of Benue State University Makurdi. He is from Konshisha LGA of Benue State,

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