Education Is A Right Not A Privilege Therefore Benue Students Need Support.

In respect to the above subject,the National Union of Benue state students under the patriotic leadership of comrade Kputu Joseph Cmp urges Benue state government to fulfill its expectations.

We can recall that,prior to this administration,
Benue state students benefitted tremendously in the bursary allowances allocated to them by the state government wherein students had less issues regarding their school fees payment and also solve other vital issues that needed money.

The Benue state government is adamant in that regard and as such as a student leader I wish to remind Your Excellency to look into the plight of the students at this critical point.The new policies implemented by our VC are not favorable,increment in school fees and mandatory registration of courses online etc which has affected many final year students.

Many students are into difficulties now,some who pay this fees themselves are really struggling on the streets to meet with their responsibilities,it will be wise if the state government intercedes and come for their rescue.

Benue state scholarship board was established purposely to render financial assistance to students with confronting challenges,the students are entitled to their privileges and this government must not revolt that.

The state government can subsidize education in several forms including school fees for low income parents.School fees should be lowered in favour of needy parents so that anyone can afford the fees regardless of financial status.

More importantly, as a student leader I wish to remind Your Excellency of our poor pensioners and civil servants who are finding it very difficult to cope because of the non payment of salaries and therefore making the poor students vulnerable in all ramifications.

It is our utmost desire that the State government consider and act accordingly.

God Bless Benue state

God Bless Benue students

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