Bishop William Amove Avenya @ 66th

The Catholic Bishop of Gboko Diocese Most Reverend William Amove Avenya Celebrates 66th Birthday

Bishop William Amove Avenya was born on the 21st of June 1955. He hails from Konshisha Local Government Area of Benue State.

He was Ordained a Priest on the 30th of May 1981. He was appointed Auxiliary Bishop of the Catholic Diocese of Makurdi on the 28th of November 2008 and was appointed Titular Bishop of Thucca in Mauretania.His consecration as Bishop was on the 24th of January, 2009.

The Holy Father Pope Emeritus, Benedict de XVI appointed him the First Bishop of the Catholic Diocese of Gboko on the 29th of December 2012 and his installation was on the 24th of February 2013.

He has served the Church in various capacities, most prominently is that he has served the Catholic Bishops Conference of Nigeria as Secretary for a number of years.

Bishop Avenya’s ministry as Head and Father of the Local Church of the Diocese of Gboko and Apostolic Administrator, Sede Vacante of the Diocese of Katsina Ala is an arduous task, yet our Bishop is a man of great joy and peace.

His rootedness in the traditions and precepts of the Church is readily evident in all that he does, but especially in his careful and Devout Celebration of the Holy Mass and his Homilies and Speeches.

His Pastoral care and affection for his people, especially the Faithful of the Diocese of Gboko, is so manifestly evident in the amount of time he spends with the people of God directly.

His Excellency has remained faithful to his calling these years, and has continued to meet the endless needs of the Diocese.

He has always gone beyond the call of duty, sacrificing personal time for the well-being of the Diocese and this has earned him the deep respect and love of all, who are constantly in admiration of his personality.

We thank God for the gift of Bishop Avenya to the Diocese of Gboko, the Church in Tivland and the nation at large.

He has always been a voice for the voiceless and we are all very proud of his achievements.

We pray today that the Lord continues to Bless and protect him and to give him more years ahead, so that through him we can continue enjoying the Lord’s blessings.


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