Biography of Comr Kwaghsar Luper Solomon.

Benue Youngest Political Activist.

Biography of Comr Kwaghsar Luper Solomon.

Comr Kwaghsar Luper Solomon was born 3rd out of 6th in the family of Mr & Mrs. Kwaghsar Mbanyiman of Mbaanyam (Waapera), Mbaagir Council Ward of Ushongo LGA.

Educational Background

FSLC in 2007 at RCM Primary School Sambe Tse-Mker Ute.
SSCE in 2013 at Mbaaakon Grammar School, Mbaakon.
ND in data processing and graphics designing 2014 at FANATE Information and Techniques, Adikpo.
B. Sc Library and information Science, Benue State University Makurdi.


As a born leader, Comr Kwaghsar started his leadership in his primary and secondary school as health Prefect.
He continued as Assist Course Rep during his Computer Programme.
Acting manager, London Jet Computers, Adikpo 2015.
The celebrant demonstrated his leadership abilities in BSU first as the Director of Publicity (PRO) Ushongo Students (NAUS) BSU and he continued at the National Secretariat of the said union.
He further served as the Vice President Ushongo Students BSU Chapter in 2018.
Nevertheless, Kwaghsar Luper further served as the Director of Publicity SUG, BSU in 2018.
Due to his outstanding leadership skills, he was elected as the President of Zone A Students (NAZAS) in 2018/2019 academic session.
Kwaghsar Luper Solomon further served the students in different capacities like the SIEC Chairman NALISS 2019.
He served as the External observer in the 2019 MACOSA Elections.
Member BSU Students information and Publicity 2018.
Chief Moderator, BSU information groups on social media platforms 2019/2020
Member BSU Media House.
Member BSU Stakeholders Forum.
Member NUBESS BSU Electoral Planning 2019/2020.
Currently serving as the Coordinator of Zone “A” Concern BenueYouth Forum.
Member BSSP, Zone A Coordinator.

Awards/Certificate Received.

Kwaghsar first received his meritorious award of “Supportive Ushongo Son” in 2019.
He received again from Ushongo Students BSU as the “Meritorious award of quality Representations” in 2020.
He received the Award of “The Contributive NUBESSITE BSU” in 2019.
He received the Award of merits as the “Media Ambassador” from Mass Communication Department of BSU in 2020.
He received as the “Students Ambassador on Sustainable development and Goals SDGs” 2020.
Certificate as the SIEC Chairman NALISS 2019.
Certificates of service from NAUS BSU 2019.
Certificate of service SUG, BSU 2019.
Certificate of Chieftaincy Title as the “Ivaan Ayange I Kwande I” CTS BSU 2020.
Library and information Science, Benue State University Makurdi SIWES 2019.
Meritorious Award as “The Voice of Zone A Students” 2021.
Certificate of Service from Mass Communication Department 2021.
NAIS-BSU Award of honour as a detribelize leader in 2020.
BSU Media House Award of best correspondence,
Certificates in Students leadership Summits 2018, 2019. 2021.


Traditional/Political songs
Making friends and gist.

Christian life:

Comr Kwaghsar Solomon is a devout Christian, he is a communicate member of NKST Ikyowase, Kpamo Classes.
He is a member of MIM, he served as in many capacities in the Sunday School (MIM) He composed many MIM songs from Kpamo Classes.

Marital status:

Single and watching not searching.

Current Responsibility:

CEO LUPA’S Foundation Lessel, Benue State.
Zonal Coordinator, Concern BenueYouth Forum – Zone A.


Mbagwa State House of Assembly come 2023.


Mkohol Aondona Kenneth is a political science student of Benue State University Makurdi. He is from Konshisha LGA of Benue State,

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