Ayatutu, Our In-house Nakedness Federal Government Negligence.

Tiv People are cheated.


Ayatutu, Our In-house Nakedness
Federal Government Negligence.

Let me take us back ,when Major Akaahan was given Chief of army staff, COAS at the eve of the civil war.


He tried his best together with some of the Tiv soldiers who fought tirelessly, that Nigeria should remain one and immediately when the war was over, the COAS was killed and that remain the only reward he and the entire Tiv nation received from Nigeria.

Gen.Victor Malu era came he trained
Nigerian military after taking them to a very high position and OBJ /military came and burn his village down on the same day Pev Adôôr and his two wives died during the attack.

Nothing was said about that till date.
Even when Gaadi petition the Nigerian government/ military ,Tiv won the case and a claim 72B was to be paid that was when Our very own Attorney general Micheal Aôndoakaa petition the case.

Right from time we have been used like Firewood to cook delicious meals for the nation and at the end when other tribes are served with the meals,they throw us out in the Rain that we are bringing smoke while others are busy enjoying the meal.

We are not a beneficiary of the Nigerian politics but we do the most violent campaign and even politics at the death and loss of lives and property are the only gains.
If you take a critical look we are the
shadows of ourselves.
God help us all Remember what Amadu Bello said;
That Tiv are minorities in the North, they will be used by the North to continue domination of Nigeria and today the ops is confirming we have
been doing the biddings of Amadu Bello the sectional leader!

It’s has Gotten to a point where we need to understand that we have been discussed by fellow Nigerians as monkeys! Monkeys they shall be!.

Every one who is honestly familiar with the history of ethnic contribution to the development of Nigeria know how much the TIV of certral Nigeria have
contributed to the positive agendas of unity, prosperity and peaceful coexistence of Nigeria.

Let the monkeys and the baboons enjoys their blood soaking! God is watching.

Just take a look at this level of solidarity, though the current governor of Niger state is Rich, during his election he got a lot of support from fellow Hausas from the northern states of Kebbi, Zamfara, Kaduna (at least those are the few I know of).

There’s a sizeable number of Tiv people living in Nasarawa and Taraba but sincerely speaking they have no stake in decision making in the state and it all boils down to economic strength.

The Tiv in Benue have never (as far as I know) in this democracy invested, none defend those who are in neighboring state like Nasarawa or Taraba to contest or perhaps win the governor of these two states, talkless of eating on the same table with a brother home.

A Hausa man doesn’t care loosing his own fortune for the success of a brother because if his brother wins, then he wins.
Can a Tiv man do same? Can your fellow Tiv man take that risk for you? That’s the big question.

Also there’s is very low solidarity among Tiv brothers from the top, no empowerment and no support.

To the north and it will shock you to know that all the northern state make their budget and include the Hausa’s that are living in the south in it.

How would they no annex Nigeria totally? The backbone of every people is economic strength and solidarity,
what has our leaders done to make sure that their fellow Tiv brothers in or outside Benue State.?
This is what Tiv People should take it serious


Mkohol Aondona Kenneth is a political science student of Benue State University Makurdi. He is from Konshisha LGA of Benue State,

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