Aku Deborah: The Youngest Political Activist and a Female Heroine in Benue State.


Comrd. Deborah was born in the family of the Late Aper Aku the first Democratic Governor of Benue State.

Her zeal for following her grandfather’s paths took her to different educational institutions and currently she is a 400 level Students in the faculty of law, Benue State University, Makurdi.

The young lady comrade, has been tested in different capacities in arealearnership in unionism where she held position like Senator representing public law  departmentin the faculty of law, Benue State University, the most outstanding SUG aspirant 2019, Deputy coordinator NANS zone C and so many other
positions in the Students unionism.

Aku Deborah at Kano: Tiv caniva

Aku Deborah at Tiv Kano caniva

Chief Comrd obtained her Chieftaincy title from the CTS Benue State University chapter ‘I WANGER I KWANDE’ and has been an active member of CTS in the University and the national Secretariat.

The Fact that Aku Deborah is a Woman is never a limiting factor.

My mum once told me that, “No love is greater than that of a mother to a son: the heart of a woman is that of a mother, a compassionate heart that wants only good for her people” Women who hold leadership positions have more dedication.

Prof.Charity Angya of BSU is a typical example, Margaret Tacha of England, Okonjo Iweala, Johnson Sirleaf of Liberia and Late Dora Akunyili Nigeria of NAFDAC.

The impact they made is unbeaten, so as the 2020 NUBESS elections draws closer, we crave your indulgence to find her worthy and vote her for position of the President.

Chief Aku is not just a lady but a man in a woman’s casing. Her passion for unity,
accountability, initiatives and so on calls for anyone to void pride and boldly steps out to help her achieve her heart desires.
if you are for the interest of Benue state
students, just forget the fact that Aku Deborah is
a woman, forget sentiment/tribalism.

The only person that understands the pains of a
man and that of a woman is a woman, because
women are emotional beings they can perceive
evil from a far, when a woman is emotional and
wise just follow her.
I’m not campaigning for anybody and I’m not
condemning other aspirants but I’m just stating
the fact.
Because we have acknowledged a great change in the
Dynamics of our politics and student Unionism,
and there is a quest for new leadership.
Benue State Students quest for good governance,
they quest for people with proven integrity,
people with a new definition of politics, not
people who only see politics is a game of
interest (selfish interest) but collective interest,
not people who only define politics as a struggle
for power, not people who only ask questions
because the question is already there “WHO GET
WHAT, WHEN AND HOW?” and any one who can
answer this question can answer any question in
the world.
Therefore, I see only one person who can answer
this question, and that is Aku Deborah of Benue
state University, Makurdi.



Mkohol Aondona Kenneth is a political science student of Benue State University Makurdi. He is from Konshisha LGA of Benue State,

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