Achado And Grading Of Rural Roads: A Sound Development Trajectory.

One of the major causes of poverty in rural communities is lack of access roads to markets, schools and hospitals. The effects are devastating in the growth and development of the rural dwellers. Lack of access roads in rural communities crumbles local economy, leads to destruction of perishable goods, inhibits national integration, affects markets prices and accentuate poverty on the people.
Hon. Arc. Achado Asema in other to cushion the harsh consequences posed by lack of access roads in rural communities has on several occasions graded rural roads to open access to free and easy movement by rural dwellers in Gwer-East Local Government with attendant advantages to include the following:
1.A major solution for sustained social- economic development in such rural communities.
2. Increased access to markets thereby encouraging commercial farming activities typical of our communities in Gwer/Gwer West.
3. Stimulate development in rural communities.
4. Provide a means of transporting goods, people and agric products to urban areas.
The top contender for Gwer/Gwer- West House of Representatives come 2023 is poised to sustain this gesture by opening more access roads within rural communities in Gwer/Gwer-West for easy and affortable transportation of goods especially farm produce to the market so as to add value to the famers and alleviate Poverty taking a toll on rural dwellers.
Hon. Achado is seeking the mandate of the people to bring home good dividends of representative democracy come 2023. He knows the terrain and he wants to change the fortunes of the people and add smiles on their faces with quality, effective and visionary leadership.
Hon.Arc.Asema Achado is the right choice for the job. Se vernen Asema sha Achado aza idyu shin Abuja.
Iorngee Terkuma Solomon
Personal Assistant on Media and Publicity to Hon. Arc.Asema Achado.

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