30 hearty birthday garlands to the minority whip Benue state house of assembly and member representing Konshisha state constituency at the 9th Benue state house of Assembly, Hon, Cephas TaverShima Dyako Ashwa Agbatse.

On your birthday I stand bold to reminisce you that gone are the days of Godfatherism in politics, and having more youths in the corridor of power has emerged which yourself is a practical example, This agitation is still on, to have a reasonable number of youths occupying not only appointed positions, but elective ones as well. Long gone are the days of daydreaming and moonlight chasing; where the tale of “Youths are the leaders of tomorrow” is constantly injected into our lions.

Youths are leaders, we are leaders of TODAY. our tomorrow starts from TODAY. The future starts now.

As a leader youth, and an Honorable member, I urge you to get involved in any level you’re currently in and let’s collectively achieve this vital objective youths reasonable involvement in governance. We are of Techage . Things have really changed and so we have all it takes to bring about the transformation of our dear Konshisha and what our people truly needs.

I hope you have seen and all heard the negative and positive aspects of your governance since you took the oath of office to stir the affairs of the peace loving people of Konshisha, I still reminisce you never to take it for granted, At this contemporary society like ours today our people yearn for democracy of education and political organization, If our people are uneducated, not informed, democracy at our doorsteps will become clunky and slapstick .

Beliving and hoping that on this day as alwys the oath you took before your people still rings daily in your heart. I urge you to keenly look at your participation with your kinsmen, their attitude, and political behaviours toward your leadership and capture an image and work towards that challenge. Your Aim and motive in this critical time now is bringing youths together.

Remodeling of your ethics in politics is also something to watch out for, Re-modification of your interest and active involvement. At this critical times when each and every household is keenly watching the political happenings in Konshisha you ought to synergies young people towards having an educated mindset, building together in unity and tolerance including peaceful coexistence. Our people are looking towards you to have a new era of democrac, the inclution of young people into political processes and participation, Infrastructural development as a fundamental necessities.

The Cabals whom are trending themselves as leaders of our people are machinery riding our constituency predicted on falsehood, the truth has lost its identity and it masquerade to be falsehood and their falsehood is esteemed above reasoning. Always use your wisdom to analyze things without an hing on sentimental bigotry.

Always hold with high esteemed that Nothing is more powerful than an idea whose time has come” With no doubt yet to come under any reasonable contestation. Many years after it was made, it remains as philosophical as it is prophetic.

I conclusively penned down to you that 2023 is going to be amazing that we as common people will shall study keenly to be educated, and we shall resist the spite of ignorance, the dancing of drums of foolishness, and resist mediocre to have its path in any elective position, we are going for meritocracy. After all the truth remains that meritocracy has nothing to do with mediocrity.

It is my fervent prayer that the Almighty God will grant you robust health, continued grace and renewed strength in all your endeavors. May God continue to bless and guide you as we journey your legislative tour, so that you may utilize the knowledge acquired to create something to be learned and acquired for the generation to come in Konshisha.

Iam proud and delighted that God has been kind for preserving you for this remarkable length of time in your service to Konshisha people and wish you add efforts to the already one.

Cheers to your new age!!

In wishing you many more years of life, I celebrate the fact that, like wine, you are getting better with age.


Praying for God blessings forever!!

30 sure looks good on you Big Bro, Grow Gold…


Signed- Kpenkpen T  kidser Theophilus

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